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Registry Lock your critical domain

Domain registry lock

Protect your critical domains today with a Registry Lock

A business critical domain is the most important domain for your organisation. It’s a domain that holds websites, emails, intranet and customer portals, if removed would cause a far-reaching and significant disruption to your business.

Secure your critical domain

Registry Locking of business critical domain provides an additional level of authentication between the registry and the registrar of the domain name. If a customer requests a change to a registry locked domain, an authorised individual must submit a request to Melbourne IT Corporate to unlock the domain name.

A registry lock provides the highest level of protection for a domain name and ensures your domain names do not get highjacked, altered, deleted or transferred out. This “out-of-band” step protects against automation errors and system compromises.

Global businesses locks down their domains

Most companies realise that they must be proactive and not reactive to protect their online business. One of our larger global clients worked with us to identify which of their domains were business-critical. We identified four critical domains and placed registry locks on each of them. Now only one person in the company has the authorisation to amend these vital domains.

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