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Choosing the best hosting platform for your business

A website is an essential business tool. It is crucial for acquiring new customers, building brand awareness and boosting profitability. But a website is only as good as the web hosting that underpins it. It is vital that the infrastructure that houses your website is world-class. It must be fast, secure and reliable to meet your needs today and into the future.

Melbourne IT Corporate offers a range of hosting options, including cPanel Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting, each designed to address the different performance and security needs of Australian businesses.

All our hosting plans utilise the cPanel dashboard, making it convenient and straightforward to manage your web hosting settings and online environment. Your cPanel dashboard is a powerful tool. It allows users to publish websites, create emails, add domains, manage databases, install SSL certificates, and more.

cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting is one of the most popular and economical hosting options. It works on a shared services model, where multiple users share the same physical server and resources. At Melbourne It Corporate, each server is optimised for speed and occupancy limited for ultra-high performance.

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WordPress Hosting

All the convenience and performance that users enjoy with cPanel Hosting with some additional powerful features that boost the performance and security of your WordPress website.

  • Pre-installed WordPress software
  • WordPress optimised hosting servers
  • Strong security standards are maintained – only WordPress websites can be hosted on this platform
  • Hassle free maintenance, WordPress software and security updates done for you
  • Deluxe toolkit for easy management

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Managed VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

With VPS Hosting, the resources included in your plan are dedicated to your business alone. That means unrivalled power, low latency and improved security, creating a high-performance site experience for your visitors. With Managed VPS hosting, there is no need to hire dedicated technical staff for server administration and management – we do it all for you.

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Choose from our most popular web hosting platforms

cPanel Premium

cPanel Platinum

WordPress Premium

Managed VPS Hosting

Can’t find an option that matches your needs?

Don’t worry, there are more options. Our web hosting specialists can identify the ideal web hosting solution for your business. Contact us using the form below or call us on 1300 706 965.

Why purchase
a Melbourne IT Corporate web hosting plan

Blazing fast SSD storage

Find the plan that meets your business needs. From 50GB fast SSD storage to turbo speed 300GB SSD storage, we have you covered.

Growing online stores

Our plans are designed to create a secure and dependable foundation for your online commerce. Support your online store with the hosting it needs to succeed.

100% availability

Our Australian-owned and operated infrastructure is designed for maximum performance, including 100% uptime, so your website is always open for business.

Local customer support

24/7 help is closer than you think, with Australian-based expert care teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Next generation security

Loss of sensitive customer data or website functionality can negatively impact your business. All our hosting solutions include the latest network and server protection, including daily back-ups, DDoS protection and SSL certification.

We’re Australian

Backed by our 25 years of local experience, you can expect quicker support response times, better performance and faster problem resolution.

How we work

Melbourne IT Corporate works with our clients to find the right combination of products and services to exactly match their requirements. Web hosting is no different. Simply contact us using the form below or call us on 1300 702 965 and one of our hosting specialists will be in touch.