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Brand Protection

Domain Adultblock services


The AdultBlock service ensures the registered term is blocked from registration across all four adult themed Top-Level Domains (TLD’s).

Trademark Clearinghouse

The first step to securing the domain name(s) important to your business is to submit your registered trademark to the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).


DPML is a blocking service by Donuts to block domain registrations matching trademarks recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).

Domain Name Solutions

Domain Name
Portfolio Management

A large organisation might have 100s of domain names. Keeping track of them can be a real challenge. Losing even one may be a disaster.

It is not uncommon for large organisations to accidentally let domains slip or decide that some are not critical, causing them to lapse and potentially be re-registered by domain squatters or developed into phishing sites.

Diligent domain name management is essential to avoid such potential catastrophes. The solution: engage a specialist domain name management service like the one offered by Melbourne IT.

Domain Name Registration
and Renewal

At Melbourne IT Corporate you will have access to 1000’s of TLD’s globally.

We work with multiple different domain registries. Whether you are looking to register a new .au domain or a new gtld, we have you covered. Our team will work with you to ensure you have all the critical TLD’s managed in one area and ensure renewals are actioned with our auto renewal functionality.

Domain Name

Our domain acquisition team have negotiated domain name acquisitions on hundreds of high-profile domain names.

Melbourne IT can use its wealth of industry contacts and experience to facilitate the purchase of the desired domain on behalf of our clients while keeping your identity confidential.

Registry Lock

A registry lock provides the highest level of protection for a domain name and ensures your domain names do not get hijacked. This “out-of-band” step protects against automation errors and system compromises.

Registry-level locking of domains provides additional levels of authentication between the Registry and the registrar of those domain names.