The AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ service is a new rights
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AdultBlock domain services
Domain Adultblock services

AdultBlock Domain Services

Proactively protect your brand in the adult space by blocking .xxx, .adult .sex .porn TLD’s.

The AdultBlock service allows brand owners to block terms either previously registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) or terms already registered in the Sunrise B program. AdultBlock now includes new extended eligibility in the form of registered and unregistered trademarks.

Melbourne IT offer both the AdultBlock & AdultBlock+ blocking service available for a 1 or 5 year period.

AdultBlock+ Domain Services

The AdultBlock service ensures the registered term is blocked from registration across all four adult themed Top-Level Domains (TLDs). The AdultBlock+ service goes a step further, combining the protections of AdultBlock along with the functionality to block all look-alike variations that appear confusingly like the trademarked term.

There are three ways to qualify for an AdultBlock product:

  • Owning an existing dotXXX Sunrise B block which can be grandfathered into an AdultBlock product before 1st December 2021.
  • Holding a valid Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) SMD file.
  • Holding a registered trademark that is not in the TMCH. This would include owners of unregistered trademarks such as business names and individuals.
AdultBlock+ domain services