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Defensive Domain Registration

Every year we hear of another well-known business domain that has been attacked or put at risk.

Whether it’s a scammer starting a phishing site and accessing your customers’ data or a competitor using a close domain name match to trade on your good name, the need for vigilance is clear.

Your domain name is a valuable business asset and deserves to be safeguarded.

Melbourne IT’s Defensive Domain Name Report has been developed to proactively identify domain names that could be the source of a breach in your domain name defences. And it’s free.

The report identifies domains names that could be:

  • Your business name
  • Derivations of your business or domain name
  • Misspellings of your domain name

International versions of your domain name

Your business and your domain name are at risk. It could be a competitor or a criminal who chooses to register a domain name just like yours, pretending to be your business to profit from your existing and future customers

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