The Power of .ai: Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. One of the most significant technological advancements of recent times is artificial intelligence (AI). It is transforming industries, enhancing productivity, and revolutionising the way we interact with technology. In this blog, we will delve into the world of .ai, a top-level domain (TLD) dedicated to AI-related ventures, and explore how it is harnessing the power of AI to shape the future.

  1. What is .ai TLD? The .ai TLD stands for the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Anguilla, a small British overseas territory located in the Caribbean. While originally intended for websites associated with the nation, it has gained popularity as a domain extension for companies and organisations involved in artificial intelligence. The letters “ai” in the domain extension align perfectly with the abbreviation for artificial intelligence, making it a logical choice for businesses operating in this field.
  2. The Appeal of .ai TLD The .ai TLD offers several advantages to AI-focused entities, making it an attractive choice for branding and online presence. Here are a few reasons why .ai has gained traction:

a) Clear Association: The extension “.ai” in the domain instantly establishes a connection to artificial intelligence. This makes it easier for users to identify the nature of the business or website and fosters a sense of credibility and expertise.

b) Availability: As a relatively new TLD, .ai provides greater availability of domain names compared to more saturated extensions like .com or .net. This availability allows AI startups, researchers, and enthusiasts to secure relevant and memorable domain names that align with their brand and industry.

c) Innovation and Futurism: The .ai TLD exudes a sense of innovation and futurism. It signals to users that the website or business is at the forefront of AI technology, driving curiosity and attracting potential customers, investors, and partners.

  1. Utilising .ai for AI Businesses: The .ai TLD serves as a powerful tool for AI businesses to establish a distinctive online presence. Here’s how it can benefit AI ventures:

a) Brand Recognition: A strong domain name is crucial for brand recognition. By incorporating .ai into the domain, AI companies can create a unique and memorable brand identity that reflects their expertise and specialisation.

b) SEO Advantages: Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in ensuring online visibility. With .ai TLD, businesses can benefit from improved SEO rankings, as search engines often consider domain extensions when assessing relevance. A domain like “” may rank higher in AI-related search queries.

c) Community Building: The .ai TLD fosters a sense of community among AI enthusiasts, researchers, and businesses. By utilising a .ai domain, companies can position themselves as part of the AI ecosystem, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain visibility within the AI community.

  1. Examples of .ai Success Stories: Several notable companies and organisations have embraced the .ai TLD to showcase their AI-focused initiatives. Here are a few examples:

a) OpenAI: OpenAI, the organization behind ChatGPT, utilises the domain “” to demonstrate its commitment to advancing AI technology and enabling human-like interactions with AI models.

b), an educational platform founded by Andrew Ng, employs the domain “” to emphasise its dedication to providing comprehensive AI education and training.

c) The self-driving car startup,, chose the domain “” to emphasise its focus on AI-powered autonomous vehicles and transportation solutions.

The .ai TLD offers an exciting opportunity for AI-focused businesses and organisations to establish a distinct online presence. It captures the essence of artificial intelligence while allowing companies to showcase their expertise, build credibility, and connect with the broader AI community. As AI continues to shape our world, the .ai TLD provides a unique platform for AI ventures to thrive and contribute to the future of technology. By embracing the .ai domain, businesses can position themselves at the forefront of innovation and harness the power of artificial intelligence.

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Notification of Microsoft Price Rise

Effective 1st August 2023 Microsoft will increase prices in Australia by +9% for Cloud and OnPrem services.  As a result, Melbourne IT Corporate will be adjusting our prices accordingly.

This price rise is part of their global pricing initiative to align local currencies to the U.S. dollar (USD).  For more information click here.

If you have any questions about your service or the pricing changes, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care team. We appreciate your understanding.  As always, our commitment remains to provide you with exceptional service and support.


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The Melbourne IT Corporate Team

Withdraw your application for a contested .au direct domain name

What options do you have if you choose not to renew your .au domain application?

If you hold an application for a contending domain and do not wish to continue with the renewal process, then you have an option to withdraw. You can either withdraw from the process or just allow your application to lapse. If you do not renew your application by the 20th of October 2023, your application will lapse, and you will no longer be in contention to register the .au direct domain name. You can also choose to withdraw from the process by clicking on the link below. However, please be aware that once you have confirmed your withdrawal, you will not be able to reapply, and you will be unable to change your response.

If you hold an application for a contending domain and do not wish to continue with the renewal process, then you have an option to withdraw. You can either withdraw from the process or just allow your application to lapse. If you do not renew your application by the 20th of October, your application will lapse, and you will no longer be in contention to register the .au direct domain name. However, please be aware that once you have confirmed your withdrawal, you will not be able to reapply, and you will be unable to change your response.

Things to note:

  • For .au direct names that are still in Priority Hold status, you can check the status of competing applications at: auDA
  • Ensure that you have access to the Registrant Contact Email for the eligible domain name (e.g. associated with the application for the au direct name (e.g. that you wish to withdraw.
  • You can look up the Registrant Contact Email for the eligible domain (e.g. here: whois

To proceed with the withdrawal, please click the following link: Withdraw application .

What to do with your contested .au domain application?

Harnessing the Power of .au

The .au domain has made significant strides in the global digital landscape, emerging as one of the top ten largest domains worldwide. A recent report by the .au Domain Administration (auDA) reveals that Australian businesses recognize the importance of having a .au domain name for their websites and email addresses. The auDA report sheds light on the significance of the .au domain for businesses operating in Australia. Consumers are more inclined to trust and engage with local businesses that showcase their association with Australia through the .au domain. This recognition of the .au extension as an essential business asset emphasizes the need for businesses to secure their online presence with a .au domain name. You can find more information on this report here. With that information, read on what to do with your contested .au domain.

One year on

Firstly, we are delighted to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the .au revolution with you! We appreciate your proactive approach in safeguarding your brand’s online presence.

If you have an active priority application submitted before the process closed last year, then it is now due to renew to ensure that you remain in the race to acquire your .au direct domain name.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we would like to outline the available options. Here is the renewal timeline

Renewing your contested .au domain application

Secure your brand’s online presence by renewing your application. The renewal window will open on the 20th of June 2023 and closes on the 20th of September 2023. In the coming weeks, we will send application renewal notices starting 90 days before their expiry date. You will receive reminders at different points in time to renew your notification. Your final confirmation of renewal will be provided on 30th October once auDA completes and confirms the renewal.

Between the 20th of September to 20th of October, auDA offers a grace period as a last chance to renew your application. If you do not renew the priority application by 20 October (UTC), the application will be withdrawn from the priority process. You will no longer be in the race to register your domains name and when there is only one active application, the .au direct domain name will be allocated to the remaining applicant. So, we highly recommend that you protect your and renew your application to maintain a strong online presence. Please see below a draft of the renewal timeline.

Resolving the allocation of a contested .au name

Priority applicants also have the option to negotiate with the contending applicant. Where an agreement is reached:

  • The agreed applicant(s) will withdraw their applications;
  • The name is allocated to the registrant with the only active priority application remaining. The licence will be applied for an initial one-year licence term.

Where no agreement is reached:

  • The .au direct domain name will remain subject to priority hold;
  • The name will remain on priority hold and the application will need to be renewed every year until there is only one active application remaining.

Applicants will need to renew their application on a yearly basis if they wish to remain in contention of the .au direct domain name. We understand that this process can be challenging, which is why we have a dedicated Token Acquisition Team ready to assist you. Our experienced experts have a proven track record of successfully negotiating on behalf of clients, securing hundreds of high-profile domain names.

To avail our brokerage services, you can sign up here.


If the does not renew their priority application, the application will be withdrawn from the priority process. The applicant can also choose to withdraw from the renewal process. The applicant will no longer be in contention to register the .au direct domain name.

As the .au revolution completes its first year, businesses are encouraged to renew their applications or negotiate with contending applicants. By actively engaging with the options provided, you can secure your brand’s online presence and capitalize on the positive consumer sentiment associated with the .au domain. Embrace the power of .au and unlock new opportunities for your business in the digital realm.


Brand Protection and What You Should Do.


In today’s digital age, building a strong brand is more important than ever. Your brand is not just a logo or a tagline; it’s the emotional connection you create with your customers. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors and what keeps your customers coming back. However, with the increasing accessibility of the internet, brand protection has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes. In this blog, we will explore the concept of brand protection, its importance, and the strategies you can use to protect your brand.

What is brand protection?

Brand protection is the process of safeguarding a brand from unauthorised use, infringement, and counterfeiting. It involves all the measures that a business can take to ensure that their brand remains distinctive and recognisable, and that it is not diluted, tarnished, or misused. Brand protection is essential for all businesses, whether big or small, and encompasses legal, technological, and operational tactics to protect your brand from infringement and unauthorised use.

Why is brand protection important?

There are several reasons why brand protection is crucial for any business:

  1. Protecting your reputation: Your brand is a representation of your business and its reputation. If someone misuses or infringes on your brand, it can negatively impact your brand’s reputation and public perception.
  2. Protecting your revenue: Your brand is the cornerstone of your business. If someone is counterfeiting your products, you are losing potential sales, profits, and market share.
  3. Ensuring compliance: By protecting your brand, you can ensure that your business is compliant with intellectual property laws, which can help you avoid legal penalties, fines, and lawsuits.

Strategies for brand protection

There are several strategies that businesses can employ to protect their brand. Here are a few of the most effective:

  1. Monitor your brand: Monitor your brand online and offline to detect any instances of infringement or unauthorised use. This can involve conducting regular searches on search engines, social media platforms, and marketplaces.
  2. Register your trademark: Register your trademark with the relevant authorities to ensure that you have legal protection and can take action against infringers.
  3. Educate your employees: Educate your employees on the importance of brand protection and the risks of unauthorised use. Provide them with clear guidelines on how to use the brand and what to do if they suspect infringement.
  4. Enforce your rights: Take legal action against infringers, counterfeiters, and unauthorised users. This can involve sending cease and desist letters, filing lawsuits, or taking other legal action as necessary.
  5. Partner with us: Partner with Melbourne IT Corporate we are committed to protecting your brand and have systems in place to help.


In conclusion, brand protection is a crucial element of any business strategy. By taking the necessary steps to protect your brand, you can safeguard your reputation, revenue, and compliance, and build a strong and recognisable brand that customers trust. To do this effectively, it’s important to monitor your brand, register your trademark, educate your employees, enforce your rights.

With these strategies in place, you can ensure that your brand remains strong and competitive in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

Contact Melbourne IT Corporate today to proactively protect your brand now.

Avoiding common domain name risks

The need to protect business assets from online threats is obvious to many businesses, but sometimes one of the most important assets can get overlooked, and that’s the domain name portfolio.

Significant damage can occur if suddenly your business becomes unreachable online. This can cause reputational damage and, at worst, a business that relies on trading online can literally cease to exist.

We’ve outlined some of the ways this can happen, and what you need to do to avoid it.

Your renewal notice gets overlooked or forgotten

Once your domain name is registered, you often don’t think about it again until the renewal comes due; often many years later.

Overlooking the renewal therefore becomes one of the most common errors, and some of the best known names on the internet have suffered the consequences. For example, a local search directory style mobile app, Foursquare, became a global online brand. It allowed its registration of lapse accidentally in 2010 due to a ‘billing glitch” with their registrar.

More recently two banks in the UK were locked out of their online accounts because they forgot to renew the domain name for the group’s name server that directed web requests to the correct destinations.

Even Microsoft has forgotten to renew a domain, with lapsing in 2003, allowing an unscrupulous purchaser to re-register it and attempt to sell it back to Microsoft at a profit. They only noticed this when an online newspaper contacted them to ask why the domain was owned by a different person.

No longer needing a domain name isn’t necessarily a good enough reason to let it lapse either, as Heinz found out in 2015. They had used for a competition in 2013 and 2014 that involved scanning a QR code on ketchup bottles. After the competition ended they didn’t think they needed the domain any more, only to find that a porn site quickly moved into their previously family friendly site. A Heinz customer wasted no time in sharing the mishap all over social media.

Hijacking of domain names

Another risk for domain name holders is the intentional hijacking of domains which can be performed by unscrupulous operators easily obtaining domain details through registrars.

With the aid of a phishing attack directed at the legitimate owner, these hijackers can take full control of your online presence. This is made easy because in many cases registrars will not conceal the email address of the domain owner when a query to is performed.

It can also happen when domain registrars do not have the requisite security practices needed for corporate domain portfolio management.

With some registrars you can purchase a ‘security lock’ that restricts registration detail changes to a single user with multi-factor authentication in place.

It’s advised that you should only use registrars that provide this service and make sure it’s active on your account.

Only 17% of Forbes Global 2000 companies have adopted registry security locks, thereby putting themselves at greater risk of hijacking.

And if they have to instigate legal proceedings, for instance if the hijacker has transferred the domain to a registrar in another county, it can take a long time and generate a lot of expense.

An increase in hijacking

International not-for-profit organisation, the Spamhaus Project, says spamming, cyber threats and domain hacking are all on the rise.

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) alerted Australian businesses to a global Domain Name System infrastructure attack campaign in 2018. The government organisation publishes many useful guides including one covering the essential eight mitigtaion strategies to protect your systems.

If you’re the victim of a full domain hijacking, and your website users are very obviously redirected to another site, you’re more likely to easily detect and remediate that. But what about when an attacker directs only selected requests to another site? You may never know this is happening.

This happened to a Japanese cryptocurrency site, Coincheck. Hackers gained access to the registration details for the domain, logged in and changed the nameserver to their own. This enabled them to let most of the traffic proceed to, but re-route some of the traffic to their lookalike website, where they obtained login information from unsuspecting Coincheck customers.

So what is the solution?

The simplest way to mitigate your exposure to these risks is to ensure your business has robust protection for your entire domain portfolio. And the easiest way to get that robust protection is by using a specialist corporate domain management service.

Melbourne IT delivers Domain Portfolio Solutions provided by our expert team of Australian-based domain specialists.

Get in touch to find out more.

Domain Privacy Renewal and Price Increase

Registration of our Domain Privacy product will now be renewed automatically

We’d like to thank our customers for using our Domain Privacy service. We are committed to offering a service that can assist in protection of your identity online, from spammers, data miners and marketers to reduce unsolicited phone calls and emails. We are letting you know that the registration of Domain Privacy domain names are set for automatic renewal on the 1st December.

You can verify your billing information anytime by visiting your MyAccount and updating your billing information if required. If your billing information is up to date, then you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t happen to receive a notice of confirmation within 10 days of 1st December, we recommend you check the status of this Domain Privacy  renewal by logging into your MyAccount and reviewing this domain name. Please note that domain name auto-renewals can take up to 7 days to be processed.

This Domain Privacy service will incur a price increase from December 1st 2022. We will attempt to debit the associated credit card on file for this service when the auto-renewal is initiated.

To renew this Domain Privacy registration for a longer period, you can do so by logging into your My Account and selecting the renewal period for each enabled domain name.

Have any questions? Please contact us or call our Customer Care Team at 1300 706 965.


Best Regards,


For more information please refer to our General Terms and ConditionsService Terms and Domain Name Renewal Policy.

Defensive Domain Registration

Every year we hear of another well-known business domain that has been attacked or put at risk.

Whether it’s a scammer starting a phishing site and accessing your customers’ data or a competitor using a close domain name match to trade on your good name, the need for vigilance is clear.

Your domain name is a valuable business asset and deserves to be safeguarded.

Melbourne IT’s Defensive Domain Name Report has been developed to proactively identify domain names that could be the source of a breach in your domain name defences. And it’s free.

The report identifies domains names that could be:

  • Your business name
  • Derivations of your business or domain name
  • Misspellings of your domain name

International versions of your domain name

Your business and your domain name are at risk. It could be a competitor or a criminal who chooses to register a domain name just like yours, pretending to be your business to profit from your existing and future customers

Call us today on 1300 706 965 or email us at for your FREE Defensive Domain Name Report

Registry Lock your critical domain

Protect your critical domains today with a Registry Lock

A business critical domain is the most important domain for your organisation. It’s a domain that holds websites, emails, intranet and customer portals, if removed would cause a far-reaching and significant disruption to your business.

Secure your critical domain

Registry Locking of business critical domain provides an additional level of authentication between the registry and the registrar of the domain name. If a customer requests a change to a registry locked domain, an authorised individual must submit a request to Melbourne IT Corporate to unlock the domain name.

A registry lock provides the highest level of protection for a domain name and ensures your domain names do not get highjacked, altered, deleted or transferred out. This “out-of-band” step protects against automation errors and system compromises.

Global businesses locks down their domains

Most companies realise that they must be proactive and not reactive to protect their online business. One of our larger global clients worked with us to identify which of their domains were business-critical. We identified four critical domains and placed registry locks on each of them. Now only one person in the company has the authorisation to amend these vital domains.

To find out more contact your Account Manager or chat to us here  or call 1300 706 965 today!

Domain Acquisitions

Are you having trouble contacting the current owner of a domain?

Do you know the real value of the domain name you are after?

Do you want to purchase a domain name anonymously?

Our domain acquisition team have negotiated domain name acquisitions on hundreds of high-profile domain names. Although some owners aren’t interested in selling their
domain, most are willing to sell at the right price using the right strategy. We have successfully assisted in anonymous acquisition of domain names in all price ranges from small transactions to large.

Melbourne IT can use its wealth of industry contacts and experience to facilitate the purchase of the desired domain on behalf of our clients while keeping your identity confidential.

Domain name acquisitions aren’t as easy as contacting the seller and asking for a price. There’s a lot that goes into acquiring a domain name at the best price. Whether you are starting a new business or looking for a targeted domain for an existing brand, we are here to help facilitate your purchase and make the technical transaction as simple as possible.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Once you have reviewed the fees associated with this service our team will contact the owner and negotiate on your behalf. We are skilled negotiators and will achieve the best possible price for you.

Step 2 – We will work closely with you and your budget to achieve the best outcomes for your business. Once you have approved the final cost we will organise the transaction directly with the seller.

Step 3 – We will start the domain transfer process via Escrow and keep you informed along the way this process can sometimes take up to 10 days.

Step 4 – Once the domain is transferred into our account we will work with you on domain privacy and security recommendations to ensure the domain is kept secure.

Step 5 – The domain is yours!.. we will add this to your Melbourne IT account or should manage your domains with a different registrar we will assist on the transfer.

For more information on this service or to discuss your potential new domain name using our domain acquisition service contact Melbourne IT Corporate