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.au Domain Name Brokerage Services

2022 witnessed one of the major revolutions in Australia’s domain name space- the introduction of direct .au domain names. If you jumped in on it at the right time and applied for a domain that may have had two or more eligible registrants, then you would now have an active contested application.

If you are keen to protect your brand’s online presence, then speak to one of our brokering experts who can negotiate on your behalf and help acquire your domain name.

Domain name brokerage services

How it Works

Melbourne IT can assist with securing contested domain names via our domain brokerage service by:


Using our industry contacts to
secure the necessary token.


Negotiate the sale of the .au


Liaise with the registrant for
release of token or domain.


Research your critical brand
name and relevant .au domain
names that are available


Once our team have contacted the contending applicant and put forward a cost, we will work with them to negotiate the best possible price for you. Once you agree on this price, we will invoice you for the total cost. Payment will need to be paid before we initiate allocation of the domain to you.

If you decide you don’t want to proceed with the purchase that’s ok, we won’t move forward. You may withdraw your application or continue to renew it. Our team can also suggest alternative domain names that relate to your original domain request.

This depends on the number of contending applicants we need to negotiate with and the purchase price. We charge $250 as a one off  +15% of the purchase price for each contending applicant

The contending applicant will need to withdraw their application and your domain will automatically be registered to you

Melbourne IT Corporate charge a once off $250 domain acquisition fee to our clients, this fee is for us to start the process to communicate with registrants, offer advice and recommendations. Should our client be happy with the cost after negotiation and continue to purchase, Melbourne IT Corporate will charge a 15% fee on the final price.

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