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Domain Audits

Domain names are valuable business assets. You cannot afford to let them lapse simply because their records have not been maintained. If you have a portfolio with a large number of domains, the task of ensuring the domain records are complete and accurate becomes even more complicated and time-consuming.

Are all your domain name records up to date?

When a client’s business name changed we found they were operating with 18 domains. However, four were still registered under the old business name, and an expired ABN, meaning the domains were technically registered incorrectly and were invalid.

As a result, auDA issued a warning that these critical domains would be deleted if certain documentation wasn’t provided. Melbourne IT Corporate was able to update these records to protect these at-risk client domains.

Domain Audit

Melbourne IT Corporate offers a Domain Audit service that provides you with a comprehensive overview of the domain portfolio. We can then assist in updating any records to
ensure your domain portfolio maintains its validity.

The Melbourne IT Domain Audit outlines:
• All currently registered domain details.
• Domain status and expiry date.
• Contact information.
• Security status.

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